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Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Hello everybody who are finding some best addons to watch movies on kodi with high quality. With kodi app with hundreds best and popular movies addons kodi are running outside, you can find and enjoy watching any the movies that you want....At this time, almost addons are working so well in kodi, allow you watch tons favorites movies from all over the world with very high quality as HD, 720p, 1080p...And this is list 20 best addons to watch movies online on kodi that have millions people on the world are using and there are many good review for them.

Nothing is perfect, we tried to check and solicit opinions from a lot of people to find which add-ons provide the best movie content. A good addon to watch movies is a addon allows features:
  • Clear menu option
  • Ease of use
  • High Streaming quality
  • Functioning links
  • Number of movie options
  • Supported other services to help watch movies bester /Alluc or real debrid/
  • Often update
  • Etc...
Although there are many popular Kodi add-ons come up and go, but we are always have new add-ons that spring up to take the place of the ones that were lost. Hope with these add-ons below, you can find and watch the favorites movies that you want with them. All are live and working so well....


This list of best Kodi addons for movies will often checking and reupdate. Any add-ons not working or dead will be remove and added other good working add-ons. So let's ctrl+d to bookmark this article, you can comeback here anytime when you want to read more review about best Kodi addons to watch movies. tv shows...and update to latest repository address to install success these add-ons
The list is update on 1 november 2017

#20...1080P MOVIES ADDON

1080p movies is one of best add-ons to watch movies with high quality from Dandy media repository. You can finded many old movies 2015, 2016 and tons of top movies, latest movies added with this addon. Only 1 click to watch the favorites movies with addon 1080p movies


This is also a great addon to watch movies from dandymedia repository. The film emporium is one click addon with mint quality and solid streams. It covers movie content going back several years and TV show latest full seasons for the bing watchers amongst you. You can finded the favorites movies from these categories as Most Watched, All Movies, Movies by Genre, Movies by Release Year...
ADS: EXODUS addon version 4.1.06 is available In There


Star tec addon is a brand new addon, it's an all in one kodi addon to watch tons media contents. You can use this addon to watch sports, live tv, kids contents, concerts, music, tv shows or movies streaming...this is a good add-ons that you must install on your kodi to enjoy watching movies


How to install Real movies addon on kodi
Real movies is a old add-on that working on kodi a long time, there are millions from all over the world are using this addon to watch the favorite movies of them. Real movies allow to watch movies with high quality, 3d and 4k movies are also available in there if you want


Click here to access our Stream hub installation guide
With many people like watching movies streaming on kodi then Stream hub addon is good choice, this is also old movies addon for kodi but still working so well.


How to install not sure addon on kodi
Not sure addon is not only support to watch movies and tv shows, this is an all in one kodi addon to watch any media contents that you want. You can use not sure to watch sports, live tv, fitness, kids center, adult or listen music streaming with it. There are many people was voted not sure is great addon to watch movies and tv shows at this time.


How to install supremacy addon for kodi
Supremacy - a famous name that millions kodi user known about it. Supremacy addon take you a huge contents to watch any things you want. It's working so well to enjoy watching movies with high quality, this addon also allow to watch 3d and 4k movies if you want.


How to install elysium addon on kodi
Elysium addon - a popular addon to watch movies on kodi. This addon allow to watch movies and tv shows with multi link and also support for many other services as alluc or real debird to help you find and enjoy many favorite movies with high quality as 1080p or 720p, hd quality. Elysium addon have a clear menu option like exodus that help you use easy. There are millions guys and girls from all over the world are using this addon to watch movies or tv shows streaming, so the default api key of elysium addon have often problems. But this problem can fixed easy by follow this guide


How to install nemesis addon on kodi
Nemesis is the new name for Stream Army addon that has it all from music and sports, to TV shows and movies. This addon is just launched a shot time but increasingly perfect. This is an ideal addon for finding and enjoying your favorite movies every day. If you are using this addon and see that it's working so well to watch movies then let's vote this addon is one of best kodi addon to watch movies


How to install bubbles addon on kodi
You�ll find that Bubbles scrapes from over 200 different sources for each film or movie you choose, checking to see if there�s an available stream for that source. You�ll see relevant data on the screen as Bubbles scrapes to find that information, including how many 1080p films have been located, how many providers have the stream, and overall how many sources have been checked


How to install Bob unleashed addon on kodi
Bob unleashed addon is one of 10 best addon to watch movies at this time. The developer of this addon are hard working to help bob unleashed working better. It has a lot of sections including New releases, Amazing TV, Sports, Kids, Docs, Caira, Griffin, Shepo, T.A. Streams, Thunder, Valhalla, TNPB Box sets, TNPB, Music TV, and Walk of Fame.


How to install maverick tv addon on kodi
Maverick tv addon - It is a one-click to play addon and automatically finds the best stream to play. This is one of best add-ons to streaming movies on kodi that i dont want talk more, it's so famous and working so great


Click here to access our uk turk playlist installation guide
Uk Turk Playlists is a very popular Kodi add-on that contains live TV, movies, CCTV, TV shows, documentaries, cartoons, radio, Turkish TV and Movies, fitness, and more. The streams are one-click to play and work reliably.


How to install Atom addon on kodi
Atom addon - A brand new addon with The main menu categories include New Releases, 1080p movies, 4K Movies, Live TV, Atom IPTV, TV shows, Atom Movie Mix, One click Movies, Kids zone, Real Debrid Movies, live sport, documentaries, Christmas and YouTube


How to install Triton kodi addon
Triton addon - a fantastic addon to watch all media contents that you need, along with Strictly hd addon - a brand new great addon to watch movies, tv shows with only HD, 1080p link then Triton addon allow to watch huge content and diverse playlists


How to install Bennu kodi addon
Bennu addon - a new name of Phoenix addon - a popular Kodi addon to watch movies and all media contents from all over the world in the past. Bennu is not only a addon, It includes a lot of fantastic other addons that to make it more complete and become the best Add-on to watch movies on kodi. You can easy finded the favorite movies with a huge movies data are live in there and always have new update


How to install Strictly hd kodi addon
Strictly hd addon - like the name of it. Strictly HD Kodi addon provides a fresh addon for full HD content in 1080p without any Real-Debrid or premium service required. This is a brand new movies addon that there aren't many guys and girls know about it


How to install The pyramid addon kodi
The pyramid addon - this is a addon not only working to great for movies but also great to enjoy other content. We've seen this add-on grow and grow over time and it's gone from being a tidy little add-on to becoming an essential Mega add-on. We class a Mega addon or all-in-one if you prefer as one that provides a wider range of content such as TV/Movies/Sports/Music etc. From Kids cartoons to Kodi Youtubers it's got you covered. HD Sports? Big tick. The amount of content here is truly staggering and has propelled this add-on into the big leagues


How to install Covenant addon on kodi
From the time when exodus addon was gone, the developer of the exodus has teamed up with the development team of the covenant addon and turned it into a best addon to watch movies on kodi at this point. Covenant add-ons have interface menu like exodus addons. This is a very user-friendly interface for new kodi user and for all. You can select your favorites movies from menu list as Movies, My movies, New movies or new episodes, tv shows etc...Alluc, Real debrid and more other services are supported in here to help you watch any favorite movies with highest quality
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