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Sunday, 5 November 2017

How to download Yin Yang Clock Widget patch 1.0 apk for android

Yin Yang Clock Widget.apk 1.0 width="120" />
Name: Yin Yang Clock Widget.apk
ID: com.yinyangclockwidgetbupepa
Version: 1.0
Size: 2.3 Mb

Yin Yang Clock Widget Screenshots

How to install Yin Yang Clock Widget 1.0 mod apk for bluestacks style="border: none;" title="How to download Yin Yang Clock Widget 1.0 apk for bluestacks" />

How to install Yin Yang Clock Widget lastet apk for android style="border: none;" title="How to download Yin Yang Clock Widget 1.0 apk for bluestacks" />

How to download Yin Yang Clock Widget 1.0 apk for laptop style="border: none;" title="How to mod Yin Yang Clock Widget 1.0 mod apk for android" />

How to setup Yin Yang Clock Widget apk for android

- For Android 4.0 or higher:

Please to Settings, look down to Security, and select Unknown sources. Choosing this choice will enable to install apps download from the internet.

- For devices running on lower Android 4.0:

Please go to Settings - open the Applications option, and select Unknown sources, click OK on the popup alert.

Yin Yang Clock Widget Details

We present you a brand new mobile application Yin Yang Clock Widget which celebrates this ancient Chinese symbol! Customize your clock and combine an abstract background with suitable hands and digits to get an ideal clock for your Android� mobile! A �clock widget� inspired by yin and yang elements is everything you need for your new smartphone! Don�t miss a chance to get this unique black and white circle of wisdom! This analog clock will encourage you to learn everything about Chinese philosophy! Try out this black and white clock and celebrate the amazing Taoist concept every day!�Yin yang clock� depicting two halves of one uninterrupted cycle which are complementary and exist in harmony! Every time you look at your phone screen, anxiety and anger will disappear! If you are trying to find your inner peace get the free download and let this Android app try to shed some light on the path to serenity. Enjoy!
? You can make your own yin yang clock with this fantastic Android widget!
? Choose from lots of skins!
? Yin yang live spinning background will look brilliant on your clock and it will also save your battery!
? Our free spiritual gadget has an easy and fun interface!
? New clock faces, hands and digits are added daily - collect them all!
? This Taoist app is compatible with 99% mobile phone devices!
? ��Yin Yang Clock Widget�� looks fantastic on both tablet devices and mobile phones!
Use the following instructions:
? Add the widget to your home screen.
? Go to the menu and press the 'Add' button or, depending on your device, tap empty space and hold your finger until the pop-up menu-window labeled 'Add to home screen' appears. You might need to find the + button, or the option 'Widget' to add it to home screen.
? Choose from ten yin yang clock designs, skins, hands and digits.
? Long tap and hold the time clock in order to scale, move and resize it.
? Set the alarm by swiping through the digits on the screen and tap on the 'set alarm' button.
First there was emptiness�and that�s when two powerful and complementary forces arose: the yin and the yang. If you already have a �Yin yang wallpaper��, and if you are interested in Taoism, this is definitely a perfect gadget for all you! The concept of yinyang presents the balance between negative and positive factors � stillness and motion, soft and hard, day and night, etc. Capture these opposites in one simple clock widget and experience serenity. You will feel like you are one of the Buddhists practicing yoga in a Zen garden. Now you have a unique opportunity to get the time clock inspired by ��tai chi�� symbol!
Stop looking for ��Android widgets�� evoking spiritual energy � this gadget has everything you need and it oozes peace and tranquility! Replace your old digital clock and put something remarkable and extraordinary on your display! The yin and the yang that our analogue clock embodies are the opposites that attract and this theory is well-known in ancient Chinese philosophies and sciences. It encourages you to practice the calm realization of things, just like the Buddhists do - have a constant reminder on your screen to embrace the good and the bad in life with the same sentiment and in a calm manner. Download Yin Yang Clock Widget completely free of charge and celebrate the tai chi symbol representing existence and creation! Have fun combining the widget skins, digits and numbers! Look at your ��yin yang�� widget and you will be inspired to decorate your house according to feng shui!Get the free download of the Chinese clock widget and let this perfect circle invite you to do yoga meditation! Turn off your smart alarm clock and relax with yoga! If you are into Chinese martial arts, or if you are an excellent kung fu warrior, get this yin yang HD theme and learn to practice patience and perseverance. Enjoy this spiritual widget.
* Android� is a trademark of Google Inc.
* This app is ad-supported.

What's new in Yin Yang Clock Widget 1.0

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| Rating: 3.9

Download Yin Yang Clock Widget patch 1.0 APK

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