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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Download Google Play Store Latest APK Version 8.4.18 For Android Free Download
Download Google Play Store Latest APK Version From The Below Provided Download Link
Download Google Play Store Latest APK Version 8.4.18 For Android. Google Play Store lets you to download your favorite android apps and games free and if you to buy a premium version of any app than you can it from Google Play Store officially and securely. It is also a Google product and Google's official store for android apps and games or other content of your android mobile,tablets and other android powered devices. It is very huge and it offers a lot of content to its users free and premium.

Google Play Store is official store for android mobile apps,games,tools,and other content of android mobiles. Google Play Store is developed by Google and it is safe and secure for downloading android apps and games.It is used worldwide to download application for your android mobile and tablets. You can search for any app and game and get it installed in your smart phone using this platform. Some app are not free here but you can get most of the apps free of cost from this platform. 

You can search all types of apps for example android apps,rooting apps,photo editors,video,books and many more. After a single  search you will find many similar apps related to your search and you can install your favorite app for your android at the time. Moreover it also displays the current rating of the app so you can judge the app by display rating and then install it on your android mobiles.

File Features:
  • Official and secure store for android apps and games developed buy Google.
  • Download free and premium apps with a single search.
  • All types of apps,games,editors and much more are available.
  • Check out rating of different apps and games.
  • Find your favorite apps by a single search and get it install on your smart phones.

File Information:
Name : Google Play Store
Version : 8.4.18
Size : 12.1 MB
Minimum Android: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14)

Download Google Play Store Latest APK Version > Free Download


Friday, 27 October 2017

ZENMATE VPN V2.5.0 APK (Latest Version) Free Download For Android Devices

Zenmate VPN is the easiest way to stay secure and private online while accessing all the content which you love. Zenmate VPN gives protection for you and your device whether you are at home or using  public WIFI. Its security and privacy always keep you safe and secure. You can unblock the internet with all its sites and hide your IP by changing your location. You can choose any popular location all over the world you have full freedom to choose any country like usa,uk etc.

ZENMATE VPN Turbo speed feature can provides you to surf internet without any limitation and experience. It provides the maximum browsing speed to the users who are using ZENMATE VPN. It is very important when you are doing something online like working on your site, working on your freelancing platforms whatever you are doing it secures your IP address and your location from those how are trying to tracked your information while visiting your site. So to stay safe and secure you have to download and installed the ZENMATE VPN for your android mobile,tablets or any other device which supports android. ZENMATE VPN secure your Ip when you are doing some thing online like using your Facebook,Instagram, or any other activity whatever you are doing it always keeps your Google account,your IP and Location safe and secure.

ZENMATE VPN is very easy to use and works everywhere even if you are at home or using any public WIFI it acts as your internet security partner. You can unblock the web and secure your mobile with encryption. Change your location and access  sites in the web that are not available in particular area. By ZENMATE VPN you can use a simple proxy service and access to any site all over the web. Let me have an example if your living in USA and want to watch any Drama serial in Pakistani Television Channel which are not available there then you can use  ZENMATE VPN to access to any pakistan Drama serial channel and you can do what you want by simply using ZENMATE VPN service.
Hide your IP address and get more protection by using this VPN. ZENMATE VPN keeps your privacy safe and protect all your internet activities. ZENMATE VPN assures you that no viruses and any hacker can compromise your data in public wifi. It protects your Necessarily information like credit cards etc.

NOTE: The publishers do not publish ZENMATE VPN in some countries (China,Iran and Saudi Arabia) because they cannot gurantee that this app will work properly in en if you are able to download the app, we strongly recommend you to please do not purchase premium accounts from these countries.

  • Easy and Fast VPN Service for Android Devices.
  • It always keeps your information safe and secure.
  • Surf the web without any limitation and explore what you want.
  • Hide your IPadress and unblock the internet with all its sites and also hide your location.
  • Choose your favorite place from the list.
  • You are always protected while using internet at home or at any public wifi. 
You can use Zenmate and hide your IP address and location and do not let the government and any other party spy on you online. Zenmate Is such an amazing VPN that hides your IP and encrypts your traffic means no body can track what you have visited while on web. You can download it from the the below download link.

 App Information:  
Name: Zenmate VPN
Version:  2.5.0
Size: 12.6 MB
Developers: ZenGuard GmbH
Android Required: 4.0.3 and up


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    Monday, 9 October 2017

    Pushbullet Pro APK 17.7.19 - SMS on PC

    Easily send and receive sms from computer and be more productive with Pushbullet SMS on PC Pro (premium). This app is designed for convenience and productivity as it allows for easy file sharing between devices, can reply to messages from social apps such as WhatsApp,etc and more right from your PC.
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    Monday, 2 October 2017

    Sunday, 27 August 2017

    CF Auto Root v2.47 APK Latest Version Free Download For Android

    CF Auto Rood download latest version for free. In the market there are now many mobile phones are avail and they have their own operating systems and own security. Like other mobile phones the Android smart phones also have their securities and policy. If any Android user want to make changes on their setting so they are not allow for doing this tasks or if the users also wants to run the system apps of their phone so they are also not allowed. 

    If you are also a Android smart phone users so to root the phone this is very important to make many tasks on a smart phone. If you are a new new to rooting a phone so the CF Auto Root APK is a best and simplest way to root the phone. If you are using this app so the app does not support for all the mobile phones you can only root those phone which are included in the rooting list of CF Auto Root. There are thousands of models are supported by this apk file. You can download this app for your Android Mobile phone or a Tablet. 
    This app is supported by every Android operating system. This app is first time introduces for the windows operating systems but now this app is also avail for the Android operating system. If you are a Android users so you can easily download this apk file for your android mobile phone devices. To download the method is very simple you have to just click on the given download link to download. 


    Friday, 5 May 2017

    Baidu Easy Root v2.8.6 APK English Free Download For Android

    Baidu Easy Root Introduction 

    Download Baidu Easy Root latest version from this site for free. This is a APK file and this app is supported by The Android devices. The downloading of this app is free of cost and you don't have to pay anything for the download . the developers of this app will give you a free access to use this app. The rooting of Android devices is a very easy process and you can use the Baidu Easy Root to root your Android devices easily. this app will allow you to root your android devices easily.
    Baidu Easy Root apk
    The Baidu Easy Root is a famous and much popular app in the world which you can easily download from this site by clicking on the given download link which is present at the last of this page. The Baidu Easy Root apk is alternative to all other rooting tools which you can also use for rooting your phones. This is the latest version of this app and this is 2.8.6 and this is the last and updated version able in this site. If you are going to download this tool so you don't have to pay any bugs for the download the download is always free and free for you. The baidu root apk is a better alternative to the z4root, super root, towel root, kingroot 4.4.2, one click root.

    Now this latest version have so many multiple and useful features with this and like the older version this latest version also have the same features and the developers can also add much more features with this new version. Due to the presence of these all features the features can make this tool more useful and easy to use. The key features can help you to batter understand the apps use and they are so helpful for you. 

    So if you think that why we root our phones that the answer is that every mobile phone have some official apps install with the phone but we are not allowed to use the preinstalled apps of any phone. If we named the apps they are known as the system apps. 

    If any Android user want to use the tapped apps on the phone so the users need to first root there phone using a rooting tool. If you root your Android smart phone so you can easily break your phones protocol and you are able to get the access on your phones system files and explore them. 

    If the tapped apps are installed on your phone and if you want to install some restricted apps on the phone so the phone does not accept the installation of these restricted apps and to the restricted apps on your phone you have to root your phone. If you have any rooted mobile so the phone allows you to install any type of apps on it. If you have a phone and the phone is not rooted so you cannot install any game hacking tool on the phone because all the hacking tools need a rooted device to be install. 

    There are so many other reasons to root the phone but to choose any smart and the best rooting app this is much important if you root your Android device using any untrusted app so it can cause of your phone's dead and you are unable to recover it. So always choose a smart and trusted app to root any Android device and the Baidu Easy Root root tool English APK is one of the smart app which helps you to easily root your smart phones using simple stuffs. 

    This app is first released in Chinese language but now thanks to the developers that they translate this app in to English language and you don't have to worried about the language. Using the simple stuffs of this tool you can easily easily root your devices with fem taps. The app is very easy to use and you just have to one click for the root.

    Download APK

    Thursday, 4 May 2017

    Ghost Kik (Ghostkik) V8.4.0 APK Latest Free Download For Android

    There are many game mods and game hacking software are able free for the Android phones and many of them are used by you. So like the game hacking or mods the Ghost Kit is a massaging mod so you can enjoy your massaging with your friends. There are many other massaging apps are able in the internet for your Android smart phones but the Ghost kit is even batter and faster application than all other massaging apps and it will just take a movement to connect you with the internet or connect you with your friends. This app now comes with new and multi features and all the features all its original so the features make it batter and easy to use. With the help of GhostKit you can easily make more fun with your friends. 
    Ghost Kik APK icon
    Now these days the Kik is the top instant massaging app for the Android users or there smart phones and allows you to connect you with the world and your family. You just have to install the Kik on your phones and make your ID to start using this application. The Kik is also a good massaging app but now with the Help of Ghost Kit mod you can make the use of Kit messenger even more batter than earlier. With help of Ghostkit APK you can now explore more features on the Kik messenger and the features are free of any cost. If you are looking for any mod messenger so the Ghost is one of the best mod massaging application for the Android smart phones.

    You can easily make new fake ids to prank with your relatives and there are also more enjoyable features for you. To make fun and fun just install Ghost Kik APK on your smart phones and make more fun with your friends. The downloading of this app is free and direct just click on the given download link and the download will starts automatically.

    If you are a internet users and want to use any instant messaging app so you can explore may apps and you will feel confused. But  there are few apps able in the internet which are good for this stuff. The apps are batter than each other and this is so difficult to choose the right one with yourself. If we look on the features of the apps so different apps having different features and like them the Kik messenger also have its specific features like other apps. The users need there favorite features on there apps and if you think that the Kik messenger have all your favorite or needed features so you easily be able to use this app and we also recommend you such apps which having all your needed features.

    Now if you wish to make some fun with your friends using any massaging app so just click on the given download link and download the latest version of Ghost Kik.


    Audio Manager APK (Hide It Pro) APK 3.0.2 Download for Android

    Here in this post we are going to share the Audio Manager Pro APK for you. You can download direct this app from the given download link and the download link is provided at the last of this page. By click on the given download link your download will start automatically. This is the latest version of Audio Manager. The developers of this app will get the permission to the users to use this app for free. You don`t have to pay anything for the download. The developers of Audio Manager (Hide it Pro) are The ANUJ TENANI they release this app on 2016. 

    You can easily download this app for your Android 3.0.2 and higher. You can use this app to hide your phones all files and records like you can easily hide your phones audio files, calls, massages and all other activities which you explore on your phone. Some times you can store many unsecured videos on your phone and want to hide them but you can`t do this stuff due to the securities of your phone but by using this app you can easily hide all your videos and selected videos easily on your smart phones. 

    If you have images and you want to hide them from your friends and family so just use this app and hide all your images with using a simple stuffs. This app also enables you to hide your application which are installed on your phone. The Audio Manager APK is also available for your i phones and iPad but we only share the download link for the Android phones and only the Android users can only download this app from our site. The download stuff is so simple you have to just click on the given download link and the download will starts automatically. To download click on the download link.


    FB Auto Liker APK V2.51 Latest Version Free Download For Android

    You are here to download FB Auto Liker app. The Facebook is a latest and popular social media these days in Facebook we can do so many activities like we share our images and get hundreds of likes and we also share videos and other status. We can do all these stuffs to get more likes and comments and make our profile famous. If we share a image on FB than it takes more than a day to get few likes and comments but in this post i am going to share a smart app which helps you to get thousand of likes within a minutes. 
    FB Auto Liker icon
    The FB Auto Liker APK is a famous and free app which helps you to get thousand of free likes on your images which you share on your profile. By using this app you can get upto one thousand likes on your images daily and make your images more famous and popular on Facebook. If you are using a smartphone or a Android device so you can easily install this APK file on your all smartphones and tablets.
    Many peoples want to get more people attraction to their social media activities. But if the peoples are ignoring your status on Facebook. This will be a very frustrating movement and we are feeling so disappointing, But now you don't have to work hard to get thousand of likes your Facebook activities you have to spent you one minute to get thousand of likes on your activities.  

    Use Facebook Auto Liker  Android app and by using this Android users can easily able to increase their Facebook Images likes else they can also use this App to increase their Friends images.  You can simply use this file to Increase your Facebook fan page likes, profile pictures likes and many other images which you share on your profile on daily base. 
    Many peoples using this Fb Auto Liker to get thousand of likes on their fb status. Many peoples try to download this app. But they can`t find the right place but in this post we are sharing the direct download link. So they can easily download it from here and this is the right place where you can download this app. The Fb Auto Liker gives you the real likes.  

    Fb Auto Liker features:

    • Free To use and easy to operate.
    • Users friendly interface for all.
    • Get unlimited likes for free.
    • All the likes are free and genuine.
    • Support with all over Android smartphones.
    • Give you a free token to increase your likes.

    Application details:

    File Name: Facebook Auto Liker APK
    Size:  2100 kb
    Version: v2.51 (UPDATED)
    Developers: Facebook,inc
    Support Android: 2.2 to above
    Download cost: Free of cost

    Wednesday, 3 May 2017

    AB Auto Liker latest Version APK Free Download For Android

    There are many apps in the market which helps you to increase you Facebook status likes. Now in this post we are also want to share a Facebook liker. The Ab Auto Liker is new Android app which helps you to increase your profile photos and images. This is the latest version and support with all over android phones. You can also install this APK file on your Android Tablets and other devices. The AB Auto Liker app is introduces in 2016 and now the app will work worldwide. The Ab Auto Liker v1.0 APK provides the real likes. You can download this APK file by just click on the given download link below.

    AB Auto Liker Logo
    AB liker

    Features of  Ab Auto Liker:

    • Get unlimited likes on your every facebook status.
    • The app is cost free.
    • Very small size application.
    • Support with all over android devices.
    • Get hundreds of likes at one time for free.
    • Real likes and 100% genius.
    • Direct download link able. 
    Now these days the social media is being more popular. The Facebook is most popular social media among other and there are millions of users holds this social media from world wide. This app will helps you to increase your Facebook photos and make your profile more popular among your other friends. Also check Apental, Apentalcalc, and F8 Auto Liker.

    Aplication details:
    File Name: Ab Auto Liker
    Size: 2MB
    Version: v5.0.5 (UPDATED)
    Support Android: 2.2 to above
    Download cost: Free of cost

    Download APK
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