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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Death Streams Addons, Guide Install Death Streams Kodi Addons Repo

Good morning everybody and welcome to new tutorial "How to install Death Streams addons on kodi". For everybody who want know about Death Streams addons, this is brand new addons kodi that help you watching tons of Movies and Tv shows with high quality

How to install Death Streams addons on kodi
Death Streams addons from Mr.Blamo, this is a kodi addons that support only to watch Movies and Tv shows with high quality. At this time, we are have many fantastic addons to watch movies as Covenant or Elysium addons, but this is really a amazing movies addons that you must try now. "Death Streams scrapes over 80 public websites on the internet in order to aggregate content into a single addon"

Death Streams Option
  • Movies
Trending Movies
Popular Movies
Movie Mosts
Other Lists
Anticipated Movies
Recently Updated Movies
Recent Searches
Saved Searches
  • TV Shows
Trending TV Shows
Popular TV Shows
Anticipated TV Shows
TV Show Mosts
Other Lists
General Calendar
Recently Updated TV Shows
Premiere Calendar
Recent Searches
Saved Searches
  • Settings
Scraper Sort Order
URL Resolver Settings
Add-on Settings
Auto-Configure Death Streams
Reset All Scraper Base URLs to Default
Authorize Death Streams to Access Trakt.TV Account
Repair URL Resolver
Set Default Views
Remove Cached URLs


Step 1: Open kodi, click Systems icon then click File manager

Step 2: Click Add-souce, then click None

Step 3: Copy & paste exactly this address url on address box: then click OK
Remember: You always can get newest address url of this kodi repository to install this addons at bottom of this post.
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