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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Download Durango: Wild Lands 2.15.0 Android APK Download

Durango: Wild Lands 2.15.0 Android APK Download
Durango is an action survival open world game set in prehistoric worlds. game starts with selecting a character you like and all those characters are going somewhere in the train. when you select your preferred character game starts. after completing few quests a giant T-Rex comes aboard and kills everyone on the train and suddenly you are thrown in to the game with other survivors and villagers.

Its a limited beta and its for only select players so i would suggest you to grab a BETA KEY as soon as possible so you can enjoy it long enough until game releases worldwide. Game looks promising and hunting dinosaurs are so much fun. graphics looks dull but game has fantastic contents like crafting,hunting,building and a big world to explore. you can also ride dinosaurs. game looks huge for its content based gameplay.

Name: Durango Wild Lands
Category: Android Arcade Games
Game Type: Arcade
Release Date: 09.11.2017
Language: English
Size: 76,30 MB
Company: Durango
File Type: .apk


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